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Sammy JS
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Key features and highlights

Sammy JS review: 16 facts and highlights

1. minified file size without dependencies

Smaller file size means faster load times.
Flight: 14KB

2. Supports routing and deep linking

Routing allows interaction with the browser url. This is very important for a good user experience if you are building one-page apps.
Sammy JS
67% have it

3. Supports one-way data binding

Views can be bound to update automatically when an observable object changes.
Sammy JS
80% have it

4. Uses a templating engine

Template engines allow for easy and flexible UI building.
Sammy JS
67% have it

5. Templates can be pre-compiled on the server

Supports a template engine that can be pre-rendered on the server. This possibly improves page speed, especially on devices with low computing power.
Sammy JS
60% have it

6. Published under MIT License

The MIT License is a very permissive license which allows all uses, including business use, without warranty.
Sammy JS
87% have it

7. Supports composed (partial) views

Allows for nesting view templates into top-level views from within a template.
Sammy JS
60% have it

8. dependencies

Less dependencies means less extra scripts to include, usually resulting in less development overhead and faster load times.
SproutCore: 0

9. Integrates well with third party libraries to enable Promises/A+ support

Allows the use of libraries like jQuery Deferred to support promises. Promises are a popular alternative to callbacks when dealing with server responses.
Sammy JS
34% have it

10. minified file size including dependencies

Smaller file size means faster load times.
Maria: 20KB

11. has a dedicated plugin source.

This shows that the framework has a living ecosystem, large community support and allows for more flexibility and faster development.
Sammy JS
27% have it

12. Works well with more than just one template engine

Other frameworks might be locked with a template engine you don’t like and there is nothing you can do about it.
Sammy JS
40% have it

13. Has an official, up-to-date entry in the npm package manager

The node package manager can also be used for managing front end scripts.
Sammy JS
47% have it

14. versions of Internet Explorer supported

Legacy browser support can be important for corporate projects and projects with a large user base consisting of Internet Explorer users.
rAppid JS: 0

15. number of years old

Older frameworks are often more stable, battle-proven and there are more resources and tutorials on them. As a company you have a larger talent pool to recruit from.
Sammy JS: 4years

16. Has a popular plugin which improves LocalStorage support

Has plugin which offers a simple functionality to synchronize models with the HTML5 LocalStorage.
Sammy JS
27% have it

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