Samsung Galaxy Gear

15 Reasons why Samsung Galaxy Gear is better

than the average

1.Bigger screen size
1.63"vs 1.45" (the average)
vs 2.4" (best: Neptune Pine)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
2.A little more battery power
315mAhvs 292mAh (the average)
vs 900mAh (best: Neptune Pine)
3.Higher pixel density
278ppivs 249ppi (the average)
vs 302ppi (best: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE)
11mmvs 11mm (the average)
vs 5.1mm (best: MetaWatch M1 Core)
5.Can be charged via standard USB cable
Yesvs No (62% don't have it)
It can be charged and operated with a standard USB cable connected to your computer, or with a USB power supply.
6.Notably higher resolution
320x320pxvs 279x263px (the average)
vs 480x480px (best: LG Watch Urbane 2)
7.A tad newer Bluetooth version
4vs 4 (the average)
vs 4.2 (best: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE)
37mmvs 40mm (the average)
vs 19.3mm (best: Huawei TalkBand B1)
9.A little bit less body volume
23.2cm³vs 25.1cm³ (the average)
vs 10.36cm³ (best: Sony SmartWatch)
10.Slightly more RAM memory
0.512GBvs 0.500GB (the average)
vs 1GB (best: TAG Heuer Connected)
11.Compatible with RunKeeper
Yesvs No (96% don't have it)
RunKeeper is a popular app designed to help you track your fitness activities such as jogging. With a compatible fitness tracker you can sync data between the two services.
12.Provides activity reports
Yesvs No (60% don't have it)
Your activity data is analysed to give you reports, available to view through the app or website. This allows you to see how active you have been and to help you make improvements.
13.Has AMOLED display
Yesvs No (71% don't have it)
AMOLED displays, also known as active matrix OLED displays, offer higher refresh rates and consume less power than other types of displays.
14.Has a camera
You can take pictures with it
15.Battery life extended
With the new update gear1 can be on for 4 days. (tested)
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