Comparing LG Optimus Black P970 vs Samsung Galaxy S I9000

1. LG Optimus Black P970

17 Reasons why LG Optimus Black P970 is better

Comparing LG Optimus Black P970 vs Samsung Galaxy S I9000

1.Clearly more megapixels (photo, front camera)
2MPvs 0.3MP (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
109gvs 119g (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
3.Every pixel has three subpixels
Yesvs No (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
The device has a display with three full subpixels per pixel, resulting in a sharp and crisp picture. Pixels in some displays (like AMOLED) share one subpixel to preserve space. This can result in a less crisp, slightly blurred image.
9.2mmvs 9.9mm (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
64mmvs 64.2mm (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
121mmvs 122mm (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
7.Vastly more microphone(s)
2vs 1 (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
More microphones result in better sound quality and enable the device to filter out background noise.
8.A little bit less body volume
71.8cm³vs 77.3cm³ (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
10.Camera Flash
It has a LED flash
Android 2.2.3 Froyo (API level 8)
Yesvs No (Samsung Galaxy S I9000)
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2. Samsung Galaxy S I9000

8 Reasons why Samsung Galaxy S I9000 is better

Comparing Samsung Galaxy S I9000 vs LG Optimus Black P970

1.Sizably more internal storage
16GBvs 2GB (LG Optimus Black P970)
2.Has a built-in HDR mode
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
It can automatically shoot pictures with a higher dynamic range (HDR).
3.Has manual white balance
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
With manual white balance you can choose the most accurate setting and avoid the green, blue or red hue which can occur in auto mode. You can also change the setting for artistic effect.
4.Has AMOLED display
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
AMOLED displays, also known as active matrix OLED displays, offer higher refresh rates and consume less power than other types of displays.
5.Has touch autofocus
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
The autofocus is immediately set to the subject by just touching it on the touch screen.
6.Substantially lower SAR for head (EU)
0.24W/kgvs 1.27W/kg (LG Optimus Black P970)
SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) describes how much radio frequency energy emitted by the device will be absorbed by your body. The rate is measured at head level. The legal limit is 2.0 W/kg in the EU.
7.Can create panoramas in-camera
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
It allows you to take multiple photos capturing different parts of the scene, and then joins them together into a single photo.
Android 2.3.3–2.3.7 Gingerbread (API level 10)
Yesvs No (LG Optimus Black P970)
Samsung Galaxy S I9000
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