Samsung WA80E5LEC
Samsung WA80E5LEC
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Samsung WA80E5LEC review: 5 facts and highlights

1. height

Samsung WF70F5E5P4W: 800mm

2. thickness

Hoover OPH 716DF: 60mm

3. laundry capacity

More weight capacity helps if you want to wash something heavy like curtains. A traditional household machine can hold around 6kg, so with a machine much bigger you may waste energy using it when only half full.
Samsung WF405ATPASU: 17kg

4. width

Whirlpool AWE 8840: 400mm

5. top loading machine

Top loading machines are good because you can load and unload without bending down. In general they have less problems with mold accumulating and on average a wash takes less time. In general they are cheaper to buy and are a good space saving option.
Samsung WA80E5LEC
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