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San Jose: 39 facts and highlights

1. average maximum temperature

Can get very hot but good when doing water sports. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; WMO, 2017.
Mecca: 38.2°C

2. number of universities

Universities as centres of higher education and research, are important contribution to city’s development. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
Tokyo: 185

3. average temperature

Source: Wikipedia, 2017; WMO, 2017.
Mecca: 32°C

4. has a seaside beach

Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official website, 2017.
San Jose
44% have it

5. population density

Population density shows how cramped or spread out inhabitants are. Cities with high population densities can be considered overpopulated, but the extent to which this is the case depends on factors like quality of housing and infrastructure and access to resources. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
5400 people/km²
Rovaniemi: 8.03 people/km²

6. unemployment rate

Low unemployment rate indicates better career opportunities and economic growth. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official stats, 2017.
Port Louis: 0%

7. population

Populous cities usually offer better employment opportunities and many entertainment options. Big cities attract companies and business investment, and are usually important cultural centres and research hubs. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
0.98 million
Shanghai: 23 million

8. cost of the monthly public transport ticket

Cost of the monthly public transport ticket indicates affordability of public transportation for an average inhabitant. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's public transport website, 2017.
Baghdad: 0$

9. gross domestic product (GDP)

The level of GDP shows how rich and productive the city is. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
147$ billion
New York: 1280$ billion

10. median age of population

Cities with younger population have usually better development perspectives. Young societies are more dynamic and creative. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official stats, 2017.
35.2 years
Niamey: 15.2 years

11. sporting availability (stadiums, arenas, etc.)

With more large sport facilities (20,000 seats +), a city is able to organize more important sporting events. Source:, 2017.
London: 13

12. has lake/s

Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official website, 2017.
San Jose
58% have it

13. a bike sharing system

Bike sharing system makes a city more cyclist friendly, shows city’s pro cyclist attitude and gives new touristic opportunities. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
San Jose
32% have it

14. has mountains nearby

Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official website, 2017.
San Jose
52% have it

15. Big Mac Index

The Big Mac Index is published by The Economist as an informal way of measuring the purchasing power parity (PPP) between two currencies. The Big Mac PPP exchange rate between two countries is obtained by dividing the price of a Big Mac in one country (in its currency) by the price of a Big Mac in another country (in its currency). Source: Economist, 2017.
Agra: 1.89$

16. income inequalities

The Gini coefficient is a measure of dispersion, in this case used to show the variation in income. A Gini coefficient of zero expresses perfect equality. A Gini coefficient of one expresses maximal inequality. Lower income inequalities indicate a more equal distribution of wealth and better opportunities for the average citizen. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
Beijing: 0.22

17. average minimum temperature

It can get cold in winter but good for doing winter sports, particularly if there is snow. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; WMO, 2017.
Ulan Bator: -7.9°C

18. number of airports

The presence and number of airports shows how good is connection of city with different international destinations and its international accessibility. Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
London: 5

19. VAT

Source: Wikipedia, 2017.
Nassau: 0%

20. has smoking ban in public places

Source: city's official website, 2017.
San Jose
55% have it

21. average salary

Source: Wikipedia, 2017; city's official stats, 2017.
Zurich: 5827.24$

22. has a public health care

Public health care is more affordable for an average citizen and usually guaranteed for everyone. Source: city's official website, 2017.
San Jose
79% have it

23. female population

The percentage of female residents, according to the city's official statistics. Source: Wikipedia, 2017; UNData, 2017.
Riga: 55.6%

24. cheaper cost of one-bedroom apartment in the city center

The average price of a single-bedroom apartment located in the city center shows how much of your salary would be allocated in rent expenses, and is an indicator of the cost of living of the city. Source:, 2017.
Thimphu: 92.5$

25. level of corruption

Level of corruption indicates the effectiveness of law enforcement and transparency of making business. Source: Transparency International, 2017.
Wellington: 9.5
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