Sennheiser Momentum

21 Reasons why Sennheiser Momentum is better

than the average

1.Distinctly lower low-frequency
16Hzvs 38Hz (the average)
vs 1Hz (best: Sony MH1CBLK)
The lowest frequency at which the device produces audio. The lower the low-frequency response, the stronger and juicier the bass.
190gvs 191g (the average)
vs 3g (best: AKG IP2)
3.Significantly lower impedance
18Ohmsvs 42Ohms (the average)
vs 4Ohms (best: Flips Solo 2 Social)
Impedance is the device’s electrical resistance to the current being pushed through it. The lower the impedance, the easier it is to get higher volume and requires less power.
4.Has sound isolation / passive noise reduction
Yesvs No (51% don't have it)
The device sits tightly in place, creating an acoustic seal which reduces background noise and prevents your music from leaking out.
5.Has a neodymium magnet
Yesvs No (64% don't have it)
Devices with neodymium magnets are lighter and more powerful than those which use ferrite magnets. They also have more bass and clear high notes.
6.Reasonably higher sound pressure level
110dB/mWvs 104dB/mW (the average)
vs 130dB/mW (best: Audeze EL-8 Titanium)
Devices with a higher sound pressure level are generally louder when supplied with any given audio source.
7.Has a detachable cable
Yesvs No (64% don't have it)
With a detachable cable you can use alternative cables, and if the cable is pulled it will pop out instead of breaking.
8.Has an in-line control panel
Yesvs No (56% don't have it)
There is a control panel on the cable, so you can easily operate the device without having to interact with it.
9.Noticeably bigger driver unit
40mmvs 34mm (the average)
vs 100mm (best: Audeze EL-8 Titanium)
The driver unit is the component that produces sound in the device. Bigger drivers are more powerful and can produce better bass.
10.Has an L-shaped plug
Yesvs No (68% don't have it)
An L-shaped plug is better if the jack is on the left or right side of the device, so that the cable isn't bent, and is less likely to break when the device is in your pocket.
11.Has an over-the-ear form
Yesvs No (58% don't have it)
Comfortable full-size form with earcups that fully enclose your ears. This model is loved for its increased sound isolation and the fact that it won't leak sound to your neighbors. It offers potential for maximum bass and loudness levels.
12.Sweat resistant
Yesvs No (89% don't have it)
Resistance to sweat makes it ideal for use while doing sports.
13.Lots more microphone(s)
1vs 1 (the average)
vs 8 (best: Parrot Zik Sport)
More microphones result in better sound quality and enable the device to filter out background noise.
14.Better value for money
It is simlilar price to the studio but has a lot better quality sound, I have personally tried both. Even the on-ear version of the momentum is better.
15.Twist and pull cable system
This will stop someone from snatching the headphones and running. Instead they will need to stop and work out how to detach it it, by then they would have ran off.
16.Ten times better sound quality
17.More versatile sound signature
Devices with flatter sound signatures are generally more versatile for people who enjoy classical, acoustic, or any sort of unplugged music along with heavier genres.
18.Have very balanced sound
Headphones with balanced sound can be used to listen to all the genres of music without any compromise in quality.
19.Comes with more than one cable
It comes with a 52 inch iPhone-friendly inline mic and 56-inch plain cable
20.Tearproof and acid resistant cables
It features cables made up of kevlar which is also used in bulletproof vests.
21.They do not need batteries
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