Singles’ Day shopping guide: how to find the best Singles’ Day deals

Everything you need to know about the Singles’ Day shopping festival

Singles' Day on November 11

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles’ Day is one of the largest shopping festivals taking place annually on November 11. Started in China over two decades ago, it quickly became popular worldwide and is now being celebrated in several countries across Southeast Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The event is now bigger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

In 2017, Alibaba’s Singles’ Day festival generated sales of $25.4 billion, with 256,000 transactions per second processed via the company’s Alipay app. The record set by Alibaba didn’t go unnoticed. Each year, more and more retailers are offering special Singles’ Day deals. Lazada, AliExpress, Bangood, Gearbest, and many others are organizing sales for the 24-hour Singles’ Day shopping festival. To help you make the most out of it, we have selected the best deals and offers for you, including some helpful tips and tricks for shopping. But first...a bit of history.

How did Singles’ Day start?

Singles’ Day started in the early 1990s, in China, when a few single college students got fed up with Valentine’s Day and decided to create a holiday of their own. November 11, a date comprised of the digit 1, seemed the right time of the year celebrate singledom. A day meant for relaxation and fun, November 11 evolved into a shopping holiday, as shopping is one popular recreational activity in China, one of the countries with the highest number of malls in the world.

The fact that a holiday for singles appeared in China is no coincidence. The socio-cultural conditions of the past decades led the way to the apparition of Singles’ Day. In 1979, the communist leaders imposed a one-child policy to control the country’s population size. As in many other cultures, there was a strong gender bias: having a son was considered to be better than having a daughter. This resulted in a surplus of males. Data collected in 2018 shows that there are currently 34 million more males than females in China, an imbalance that causes a loneliness epidemic. Luckily, Singles’ Day doesn’t bring only discounts, but also events and parties where people can meet and mingle.

Which countries celebrate Singles’ Day?

China, the country where the holiday originates, is, of course, the global leader in terms of sales generated on November 11. Alibaba, now the world’s largest e-commerce retailer in terms of gross merchandise value, organized its first Singles’ Day online sale in China in 2009. It was a huge success and it quickly expanded to all markets covered by Alibaba. The e-commerce giant now covers over 240 markets worldwide, the most popular being the United States, India, and Turkey. In Europe, Singles’ Day became very popular in the past few years in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Which shops have the best Single’s Day deals?

In the US, the shops with the best deals for Singles’ Day are:

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How to find the best deals on Singles’ Day?

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Happy Singles’ Day shopping!

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