Comparing Pebble vs Sony SmartWatch 2

1. Pebble

16 Reasons why Pebble is better

Comparing Pebble vs Sony SmartWatch 2

1.Is dustproof and water resistant
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
Dustproof / water resistant at depth equal to or greater than 1m.
38.2gvs 122.5g (Sony SmartWatch 2)
3.Screen is always on
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
The screen is always on, allowing you to see the time without having to turn the screen on by pressing a button.
4.Longer battery life
7daysvs 3days (Sony SmartWatch 2)
With a longer battery life you don’t have to worry about charging the device as often.
5.Is compatible with iOS
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
It is compatible with a range of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.
6.Has a compass
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
A compass is useful in games, map and navigation software.
7.Watch band is replaceable
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
The watch band is removable and can be replaced by any standard watch band of the correct size, allowing you to customise it to your liking.
8.Explicitly newer Bluetooth version
4vs 3 (Sony SmartWatch 2)
36.06mmvs 41mm (Sony SmartWatch 2)
10.Has an accelerometer
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
An accelerometer is a sensor used to measure the linear acceleration of a device. A common application is detecting when a device changes from a vertical to a horizontal position.
11.Shake to dismiss notification
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
When you receive a notification you can simply shake your wrist to dismiss it, rather than having to press a button.
12.Compatible with RunKeeper
Yesvs No (Sony SmartWatch 2)
RunKeeper is a popular app designed to help you track your fitness activities such as jogging. With a compatible fitness tracker you can sync data between the two services.
It is an open platform and easy for developers to create applications for.
14.Lasts for up to 30mins in 5ft of water
Minimizes breakage caused by water damage
15.Has a well populated app store
The Pebble app store is already populated with a lot of useful apps. The simplicity of the device leads to apps being very easy to develop.
16.Not overly complicated
Pebble doesn't try to be a device in its own right but rather an extension of your phone. This leads to a better, cleaner, user experience.
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2. Sony SmartWatch 2

29 Reasons why Sony SmartWatch 2 is better

Comparing Sony SmartWatch 2 vs Pebble

1.Significantly bigger screen size
1.6"vs 1.26" (Pebble)
The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
9mmvs 11.93mm (Pebble)
3.Vastly higher resolution
176 x 220pxvs 144 x 168px (Pebble)
4.Integrates with social networks
Yesvs No (Pebble)
It allows you to share information to popular social networks.
5.Has a stopwatch
Yesvs No (Pebble)
With a stopwatch you can time yourself.
6.Has NFC
Yesvs No (Pebble)
NFC (near field communication) allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions.
42mmvs 50.03mm (Pebble)
8.Can be used as a camera remote control
Yesvs No (Pebble)
The device can be used to control your smartphone’s camera remotely, allowing you to take shots without being near your phone.
9.Has a touch screen
Yesvs No (Pebble)
You can operate the device easily, by pressing the screen with your fingers.
10.Distinctly less body volume
15.5cm³vs 21.52cm³ (Pebble)
You paie less for the performance of a more expensive expensive device
12.Home butten
home butten is recuired
13.Has a nxt mind
15.How many coleries you burnt
shows how many coleries you burnt and how many hours you play games lisend to music and how much you exrcise!
16.More material usage
17.More easy to work
18.Anolog clock
has an analog clock
19.Better waterproof
ip57 code is for this device
20.Counts how many coleries you have burnt
21.Best watch
22.Sony pc companion recuired
23.Brazilia mode
24.Is waterproof
Can be used in many weather condition
26.Has an robot mind
27.Good looking
by getting covers of mega u can definetly get a good and a new look for this phone
28.Nearly universal
Works with any smart phone running Android 4.0 or better.
29.Sony Electronics
Products are compact, powerful and user friendly
Sony SmartWatch 2
Sony SmartWatch 2 specs
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