StrongLifts 5x5
StrongLifts 5x5
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Key features and highlights

StrongLifts 5x5 review: 20 facts and highlights

1. Has exercise diary

It has an exercise diary, allowing you to easily keep track of your previous workouts.
StrongLifts 5x5
48% have it

2. Free application

You can download the app for free, from platforms such as Google Play or the App Store.
StrongLifts 5x5
68% have it

3. Ad-free

Adverts can be distracting and obtrusive. Apps and blogs without ads are more aesthetically pleasing, nicer to use, and make the content stand out.
StrongLifts 5x5
56% have it

4. Syncs to the cloud

Your data is synced to the cloud, making it easier to access across different devices and making sure it is always backed up in case you lose your device.
StrongLifts 5x5
40% have it

5. Provides activity reports

Your activity data is analysed to give you reports, available to view through the app or website. This allows you to see how active you have been and to help you make improvements.
StrongLifts 5x5
64% have it

6. Higher rating on Google Play

The app has a higher rating on Google Play, showing the overall quality of the app and user satisfaction. The lowest score is 1, with 5 being the highest.
StrongLifts 5x5: 4.9

7. Is compatible with Android

It is compatible with a range of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
StrongLifts 5x5
80% have it

8. Has goal setting

Allows you to set your own goals, such as reaching 15,000 steps in a single day.
StrongLifts 5x5
66% have it

9. Has exercise tagging

After exercising, you can add details of your workout eg. jogging, swimming, cycling. This enables the device to provide more accurate information, such as the number of calories burnt.
StrongLifts 5x5
17% have it

10. Is compatible with Windows Phone

It is compatible with a range of Windows Phone devices.
StrongLifts 5x5
39% have it

11. Higher rating on the App Store

The app has a higher rating on Apple’s App Store (rating from all versions), showing the overall quality of the app and user satisfaction. The lowest score is 1, with 5 being the highest.
5k Runner: 0 to 5k run training Pro: 5

12. more languages supported

You can use a wider range of languages in the application. This allows you to use it in the language you choose and makes it suitable for more users around the world.
Bing Health & Fitness: 50

13. Is compatible with iOS

It is compatible with a range of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.
StrongLifts 5x5
91% have it

14. smaller app size (iOS app)

A smaller size means that the app will take up less space on your Apple device. This leaves more space for other apps, as well as other data such as photos and music.
Bowflex Boost App: 3.4MB

15. Has achievements

You are awarded achievements for reaching goals, helping to encourage you and keep you motivated.
StrongLifts 5x5
57% have it

16. Has in-app purchases

You can unlock additional content and features by making small purchases within the app.
StrongLifts 5x5
25% have it

17. Has a stopwatch

With a stopwatch you can time yourself.
StrongLifts 5x5
15% have it

18. Tracks gym workouts

The app is specifically designed for tracking gym workouts, focusing on tracking your performance for the exercises you do with gym apparatuses, like bench presses and shoulder presses.
StrongLifts 5x5
2% have it

19. Has video tutorials

It has video tutorials, making it easier to learn how to perform a specific exercise.
StrongLifts 5x5
24% have it

20. Shows infographic information

Features of the application include infographic information, such as graphs and charts. These help you get precisely the data you want, in an easy to digest format.
StrongLifts 5x5
12% have it

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