SuperTooth Disco 2

7 Reasons why SuperTooth Disco 2 is better

than the average

108mmvs 186mm (the average)
vs 34.5mm (best: Scosche boomBOTTLE mini)
2.Has stereo speakers
Yesvs No (51% don't have it)
Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound that surrounds the user from left and right side, creating a richer sound and a better experience.
3.Measurably less body volume
1375.92cm³vs 5009.79cm³ (the average)
vs 92.4cm³ (best: WOWee One Slim)
552.7gvs 1565.2g (the average)
vs 67g (best: Sony Ericsson MS430)
5.Substantially newer Bluetooth version
4vs 3 (the average)
vs 4.2 (best: JBL Playlist)
70mmvs 104mm (the average)
vs 7mm (best: Braven 850)
7.Notably shorter charge time
2hvs 3h (the average)
vs 0.5h (best: WOWee One Pro)
The time it takes to fully charge the battery.
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