TomTom VIA 1605 TM
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
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TomTom VIA 1605 TM review: 36 facts and highlights

1. screen size

The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience.
Garmin Nuvi 2798LMT-Digital: 7"

2. Has lifetime maps

Users are able to download the latest maps four times per year with no further fees or subscriptions.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
64% have it

3. Has weather updates

You can access weather forecasts using the device.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
8% have it

4. Has route optimizer

If the user has many destinations planned, for example a UPS driver, they can enter in all of the destinations and the GPS will calculate the most efficient route to take, saving time and reducing fuel costs.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
49% have it

5. Has day and night mode

The brightness of the display adapts to the level of light, for example at dusk it will dim as the amount of sunlight decreases.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
24% have it

6. Has lifetime traffic updates

The device includes a subscription to a lifetime of free traffic updates.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
60% have it

7. Has route avoidance

The device can avoid certain routes depending on the user's preference. For example, if you wish to avoid expensive toll roads then the device can design an alternative route.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
76% have it

8. Has a favorites menu

Save all your favorite destinations, such as certain towns or restaurants, so you have directions ready for your next visit.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
57% have it

9. Has eco-routing

This option allows users to plan environmentally friendly routes which can reduce fuel consumption.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
36% have it

10. thickness

Becker Revo.2: 7mm

11. Has an emergency shortcut application

In the case of an emergency the user can quickly contact the emergency services through the device.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
27% have it

12. weight

Garmin Nuvi 3760T: 113.4g

13. has an external memory slot

The device has a standard memory slot (such as an SD or micro SD card slot) so that you can either extend the internal storage with affordable memory modules or you can retrieve data, such as photographs, easily from a memory card.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
77% have it

14. resolution

800 x 600px
TomTom VIA 1605 M: 800 x 600px

15. Has spoken street name feature

The device will tell you what street you arrive on.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
85% have it

16. Has speed alerts

The device will alert you of upcoming speed cameras and warn you if you exceed the current speed limit.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
79% have it

17. has voice prompts

This feature allows the device to inform you of important information through its audio function.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
91% have it

18. Has GPS navigation with turn-by-turn directions

The device will signal upcoming turns and prepare you, ensuring you stay on route.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
87% have it

19. internal storage

Garmin GPSMAP 64st: 8GB

20. has a rechargeable battery

The battery can be recharged and used over again.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
88% have it

21. width

Garmin eTrex 30x: 54mm

22. Has an automatic rerouting feature

If you take a wrong turn or face heavy traffic ahead, the GPS will design a new route so that you will still arrive at your destination as quickly as possible.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
79% have it

23. battery life with GPS on

There is less chance that you will run out of battery during an adventure.
Garmin eTrex 30x: 25h

24. Has multi route capabilities

This is the ability to have multiple “vias” per route.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
58% have it

25. has voice commands

You can use your voice to control key functions of the device and you can easily access your device without pushing any button.
TomTom VIA 1605 TM
22% have it

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