Trust eBrush Widescreen
Trust eBrush Widescreen
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Trust eBrush Widescreen: 10 facts and highlights

6. has a touch screen

You can operate the device easily, by pressing the screen with your fingers.
Trust eBrush Widescreen
98% have it

7. bigger working area

The working area (or active surface area) is the sensitive part of the device that is used for drawing on.

8. Has AMOLED display

AMOLED displays, also known as active matrix OLED displays, offer higher refresh rates and consume less power than other types of displays.
Trust eBrush Widescreen
7% have it

9. higher resolution drawing board

The drawing board has a higher resolution, as measured in lines per inch. This means you can create higher resolution (more detailed) designs.

10. Has tilt sensitivity

With tilt sensitivity you can change the angle of the pen to control things such as opacity.
Trust eBrush Widescreen
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