Verizon 4G LTE Voice
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
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Verizon 4G LTE Voice review: 16 facts and highlights

1. WiFi speed

A higher maximum Wi-Fi speed results in better performance. This is measured in megabytes per second.
Asus GX1008B V5: 2000MB/s

2. external antennas

More antennas result in increased signal strength. External antennas can be repositioned in order to improve the signal, and replaced with a longer antenna if needed.
Asus RT-AC68U: 3

3. Has automatic IP

Automatic IP allows a local area network (LAN) computer to give itself a unique IP address when Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is unavailable to do so.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
38% have it

4. Has a built-in network firewall

A network firewall protects a computer network from unauthorized access.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
96% have it

5. Has dual-band technology

Dual-band devices can transmit data quickly on the newest 5GHz band, using recent standards (eg. 802.11n, 802.11ac). They can also use the older 2.4GHz band if needed.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
41% have it

6. Is DLNA certified

All DLNA certified products are compatible with one another. When different devices are connected to the same network, data can be transferred easily between them.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
34% have it

7. Has removable antennas

The antennas can be removed if they are not needed, or replaced with longer ones if necessary.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
15% have it

8. Has a Network Services Filter

A Network Services Filter blocks the LAN - WAN packet exchanges and can prevent devices from using specific networks.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
12% have it

9. Has WPA2-PSK

WPA2-PSK is a method of securing your network using WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) as well as a Pre-Shared Key (PSK) password. This was designed for home users without an enterprise authentication server.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
91% have it

10. weight

Asus WL-330NUL: 17.5g

11. width

Asus WL-330NUL: 21mm

12. height

Edimax 3G-6218n: 16mm

13. thickness

Asus WL-330N: 12mm

14. IPv6 enabled

IPv6 is a newer version of the Internet Protocol. IPv6 operates as a separate network to IPv4, and has the capacity for more IP addresses and more features.
Verizon 4G LTE Voice
50% have it

15. internal antennas

More antennas result in increased signal strength. Devices with internal antennas often take up less space.
Sitecom WLR-6100: 6

16. internal storage

Apple Airport Time Capsule: 2000GB

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