14 Reasons why Wellograph is better

than the average

1.Has an alarm clock
Yesvs No (64% don't have it)
It includes an alarm clock which you can set in order to wake you up or to act as a reminder.
2.Has a heart rate monitor
Yesvs No (61% don't have it)
A heart rate monitor can help show your fitness levels, enabling you to calculate a suitable intensity of exercise.
3.Detects activities
Yesvs No (73% don't have it)
The device automatically detects when you start an activity such as jogging, saving you from entering it manually at a later time.
4.Has a battery level indicator
Yesvs No (77% don't have it)
An indicator shows you when the device has low battery.
5.Has a stopwatch
Yesvs No (66% don't have it)
With a stopwatch you can time yourself.
6.Is compatible with Windows Phone
Yesvs No (90% don't have it)
It is compatible with a range of Windows Phone devices.
7.Has inactivity alerts
Yesvs No (71% don't have it)
The device detects when you have been idle for too long, and alerts you to encourage you to stay active.
8.Noticeably more water resistance
50mvs 30m (the average)
vs 100m (best: Runtastic Moment Fun)
These devices will not experience water damage, e.g. in the shower. Devices which can withstand more water pressure are better for swimming or diving.
9.Newer Bluetooth version
4vs 4 (the average)
vs 4.1 (best: Misfit Ray)
10.Measures pace
Yesvs No (83% don't have it)
Measuring pace shows how much time it takes to travel one kilometer or one mile. For example, in running, a 4 minute kilometer would be a very good pace.
11.Considerably more battery power
250mAhvs 136mAh (the average)
vs 260mAh (best: Garmin Vivofit 3)
12.Includes access to online portal
Yesvs No (54% don't have it)
Your tracking data is uploaded via your smartphone or computer, and is available to view on the manufacturer’s online portal in the form of reports and graphs.
13.Has sapphire glass display
Yesvs No (98% don't have it)
Sapphire crystal glass is an extremely durable material, which is surpassed only by diamond in terms of hardness. A sapphire crystal display is stronger and more scratch resistant than toughened glass such as Corning Gorilla Glass.
14.Has a sapphire crystal display
Sapphire crystal is stronger than glass and more resistant to scratches
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